Caveman on tour….

Sometimes, travelling can pose an ‘issue’ for me. I tend to eat as and when, as opposed to proper meals. But when I’m in the UK, it’s difficult. I mean, sure, I can pop into Marks and Spencer and pick up a… oh wait. Most salads they (or Boots, or Greggs or whatever) offer include rice, pasta, potatoes, cous cous, etc…! I’ve found simple salads at the bigger stores, but when I’m ‘on the go’ so to speak, I want to be able to pop into a shop and pick up something easy while everyone else is choosing their sandwich. But no joy – so I stick to buying pre-cooked bacon and snack on that. Not quite a proper meal, but makes for amusing conversations when I pull out a piece of bacon from my handbag….

So the other option when travelling with a couple of people would be a takeaway. Yeah, that doesn’t really work either. I did manage to request kebab meat with salad one afternoon. “No. No bread, just stick some kebab meat on a plate with a bit of salad?” “No problem.” But the ‘salad’ could really only be considered a garnish… by the end of my trip, I was craving a proper salad! I know, weird.

At Rebellion (which is where I’ve been for the last few days… a punk music festival in the north of the UK), there was a vegan food place backstage. I thought it was a li’l mean to us carnivores out there, but I guess a meat-eater CAN eat vegan food, but not vice-versa. Ish. So I requested a ‘vegan burger’ (No, I have NO idea what was in it and I’d rather not know…), with ‘vegan cheese’ (Still no idea…) on top of a mixed salad (which was basically iceberg, onions and tomatoes.). They had no olive oil… WHAT? So I settled for mayonaise. When I sat down, I reached into my bag and sprinkled bacon all over. I got some jealous looks! YAY. Always travel with bacon.

Saw some great punk bands, drank WAY too much coffee with either pouring cream (when in Starbucks) or butter (Bulletproof Coffee) when at my b and b, and met some awesome people.

So that’s my long-winded excuse as to why I haven’t updated in a while. I had a fabulous time, but ate badly and am so happy to be back at home and in my kitchen. Stay tuned, I had some good recipe ideas so will be experimenting soon!

Author: torie

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