Coconut Guacamole


Oh this was nice. I slow cooked (I’m totally going overboard with the slow cooker, huh?) some beef with the intention of marking carnitas. I just googled that recipe and there were tons. But by the time the beef was cooked and shredded, I wasn’t hungry. So I shoved it in the fridge for another day.

Today I got back from a day in Barcelona and wanted something easy. I actually, to tell the truth, would have fancied a burrito or something. But I hadn’t eaten all day and didn’t want to faff around with making a coconut flour tortilla. Which I plan to do another day, mind…. So I heated up the beef in the skillet (I love my skillet, too!), and made a really tasty guacamole. Although it was one of those down and dirty things where I inevitably forgot one of the main guac ingredients – like cilantro/coriander. You should probably add that.

And I used a salsa dip that was lurking in the cupboard. So sue me, I didn’t make my own. But lemme tell ya about the guacamole. And this is from a chick who used to hate guacamole – saying I’d never eat anything that looked like someone had just stepped in it. How things change….



  1. Stick all in blender/food processor and mash it up. Obviously peel the avocado first - but I don't have to tell you that.

  2. This was tasty!! I love the coconut!

  3. Serve with - anything, I suppose.

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