Slow Cooker Bacon Enhanced Carnita


I’ve read about carnitas a lot. They always look delicious but for some reason, finding ‘pork shoulder’ here in Spain isn’t easy. I’ve ordered it before from the butchers, but usually I’m not that organised to order something from the butchers. But when I saw Mark Sisson’s Crispy Carnitas, I couldn’t resist to attempt my own version. Yes, I based it on his recipe – but with a twist. And a slow cooker!

I served my carnitas with my version of confetti rice! Which was actually cauliflower rice (of course) with chopped red pepper and smokey paprika. We had some guests over for dinner so I let them stuff everything into a tortilla, but I just piled my plate with cauliflower rice, black olives and a splash of Quark (like sour cream-ish). Delicious! Enjoy.

Servings: 8


It looks like it takes a long time, but the actual prep time is minimal. You can cook the pork overnight and do the final steps just before dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. Or whatever!



  1. Mix the cumin, salt and chilli powder together and coat the pork strip with it. Rub it in! Then take the slices of bacon and envelop the pork in them, like you're wrapping it up in a blanket. Surround the pork in bacon. That sounds simpler.

  2. Stick this in the slow cooker, toss in the cinnamon, bay leaves, sliced garlic cloves and the onion (just chopped in half). Throw in about half a cup of water.

  3. Cook on low for 8 hours. After 8 hours, carefully take the bacon wrapped pork out and set it on a chopping board to cool a bit.

  4. Remove the bay leaves, cinnamon and onion from the remaining liquid and transfer the liquid to a saucepan. Cook on low for about 10-20 minutes until the liquid reduces by about half.

  5. Meanwhile, shred the delicious pork on the chopping board and then add this to the reduced liquid and mix well. Spread the meat on a baking sheet and bake in the oven at about 200*C for about 30 minutes, until crispy 'round the edges.

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