Paleo Gluten-free Pork, Cranberry and Apple Stuffing


Stuffing is one of my favourite parts of the Christmas dinner. Luckily, I forget about stuffing the rest of the year. However, it’s a must for Christmas. Traditionally, stuffing includes bread, but I’ve managed to create a paleo version using cauliflower. (Cauliflower is great for everything!)

So this is my version of a ‘you almost can’t tell the difference’ stuffing. My father even had seconds, so I know it was a success!

Servings: 6



  1. First make the cauliflower into a coarse rice by chopping it up roughly and throwing it in the food processor and whizzing it around for a few seconds - not too much, as you want it a bit chunky. Set this aside.

  2. Brown the pork with the herbs and spices (sage, thyme, rosemary and cayenne pepper) in a skillet. After it's cooked, throw it into a large bowl and set aside.

  3. Chop the onion and peel and dice the apple. In the skillet, cook the onion along with the apple and toss in the cranberries. Cook until the onion is more or less translucent. Then throw this in to the bowl with the pork.

  4. Now grab your riced cauliflower and toss this in the same skillet. You're going to more or less 'toast' the cauliflower, but don't over cook it; only about 5 minutes until 'al dente'. Throw this into the bowl with the pork and onion and mix well.

  5. Whisk up the eggs in a small bowl. I actually just used egg yolks mixed with a tablespoon of water, as I'd made macaroons earlier and had to use them up.

  6. Put the stuffing into a baking dish and pack it tightly, then throw the mixed egg on top (to fill the gaps). Bake in the oven along with all your other Christmas dinner. (I'd say about 200C for half and hour, but it's an easy thing to just keep in the bottom of the oven at whatever temperature you're cooking everything else...)

  7. Or, if you're like me, leave it in there for about an hour because halfway through cooking, you realised you forgot to put in the bacon wrapped sausages....

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