77 Seed Bars


First off, this recipe does not contain 77 types of seeds. Nor does it only contain 77 individual seeds. I just named it that in honour of my 77 mile ride that I’ll be doing on Sunday. And also for lack of a better name. Anyway – on with the show.

Oh. My. God. Sometimes I make things and think ‘I wonder what time the takeaway closes’ because, well, sometimes things don’t work. We’ve all been there. But then there are times that I make something and I think ‘Holy crap. This is AWESOME.’

This is one of the later times.

I wanted to make my own ‘seed bar’. So I set to work putting stuff in my mini food processor. I must get a bigger food processor one day. And this is what came out….



  1. Blend the almond butter and dates together for a bit.

  2. Add the flax seed, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and coconut oil and blend some more.

  3. Put the whole mushy mess into a ziplock freezer bag and flatten as much as poss, as square as poss. Put in freezer.

  4. Take out of freezer and put in fridge. Then slice!

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