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Well Fed Bora Bora Meatballs

I absolutely, positively love and swear by my Well Fed cookbook by TheClothesMakeTheGirl. I just wish I had more meals in the day to eat to go thru all the amazing recipes!

So the other day I had some pork mince and decided it would be handy to have some ‘snacks’ to keep in the fridge. And Well Fed had a great recipe for Bora Bora Meatballs. I wasn’t perfect at following her recipe exactly (look – I’m lazy) so they were a bit liquidy from the pineapple juice. But they were pretty darn tasty.

I won’t post the recipe, as you should get the book. But I will say, this involved pork, chill, coconut and pineapple. How awesome is that. And finally I had a use for this groovy long glass dish. How very artsy.

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