Seedy Spiced Protein Bites


I haven’t had any chocolate in over a month. Seriously. It’s a pretty good record for me, because although I don’t have a sweet tooth, sometimes a li’l bite of energy is something I crave, especially after a session in the gym. But energy bars are kak and full of weird stuff I can’t pronouce. ‘healthy’ bars are full of oats. And regular chocolate bars full of sugar.

So this weekend when I was creating my new spice rack, I ended up tidying the kitchen shelves a bit and found some things that I’d forgotten I had. Like a huge sack of toasted sesame seeds. Seriously, I have no idea what was going thru my mind when I bought, what, a kilo!? These bites are a bit simpler than my 77 Seed Bars, and seem to hold their shape better…

I used a handful here… stay tuned for more recipes involving sesame seeds I guess!



  1. Toss everything into a food processor and, well, process.

  2. I smashed the mixture in spoonfuls into a silicone baking tray (for little tartlets, apparently) and stuck that in the freezer. When I ran out of space, I threw the rest in a ziplock back, rolled it all up, compressing as much as possible, then stuck that in the freezer, too.

  3. After about half an hour, I took out the seed sausage (!), and sliced it up into bite size pieces and stuck em back in the freezer. Only because that means I won't eat them all in one sitting!

  4. After a couple of hours, I popped all the bites out of the silicone tray and put them in a container for later bite-size snacks!

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