Cherry tomato, mozzarella, fig and black olive salad


I’ve said before, who needs a recipe for salad. But then again, sometimes recipes trigger you to put together ingredients that you might not have thought of before. So when I was in the supermarket the other day and saw that figs are currently in season, I grabbed a few with the intention of having fig and parma ham. But then I forgot to buy any parma ham.

We had a bbq the other day and I love a bit of tomato and mozzarella to accompany my grilled tuna steak. I figured, why not add some figs. I’m a firm believer in the fruit and meat thing – duck/orange, pork/apple, turkey/cranberry. So why not? And look at this – a vegetarian recipe! From ME! Outrageous!

Of course, this recipe will be a little, well, thrown together. IE: don’t expect exact measurements. Remember, cooking is art – it’s baking that’s a science. So just take the idea and run with it….

Servings: 2



  1. Um - mix all above ingredients together? Simple!

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