Tandoori Turkey


More lazy, yet lazy early in the day, cooking today. As in, I started marinating this at about noon.

This could make a brilliant base for a curry (you know, like Tandoori Turkey Masala) or just plain on its own like I did it. And I think I have bbq on the mind at the moment, ’cause this would have been (and will be, likely this weekend) absolutely brilliant on the bbq!

Servings: 2



  1. Mix the yogurt, tandoori and lemon juice together and marinate the turkey in it. I had turkey that was in fillets, but this would work for turkey breast or chunks, too. In fact, in chunks and then stuck on a skewer and thrown on the bbq - that would be excellent.

  2. Leave it to marinade for a few hours. The turkey develops a lovely red colour.

  3. Remove turkey from marinade and grill. Like yesterday, I grilled these on my cast iron skillet. It gets a lot of use these days!

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