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No-Beans Baked Beans from PaleoPot

OhMyGod! This was amazing!

This recipe for No-Beans Baked Beans came up on my feed on Facebook from PaleoPot yesterday. I couldn’t wait to try it. Plus, I’ve been itching to use the slow cooker for a while now but couldn’t figure out anything ‘summery’ to make. This was perfect.

As per usual, I wasn’t totally exact. It took me a while to figure out that ‘salt pork’ in the recipe was bacon. And my measurements were a li’l off. I used 200grams of cropped bacon and 250g of chicken breast. I grabbed the chicken breast thinly sliced fillets out of the freezer, defrosted it for, oh, about 10 minutes, then cut the frozen block of chicken up in itty bitty strips. They were practically bean-sized. This would have been impossible with non-frozen chicken, so I’m quite pleased with my ingenuity. Obviously.

As for other deviations from the original recipe – I didn’t use honey (staying away from all sweetness for a while…), the ‘small can of tomato paste’ – well, I used a very large squeeze from a tube of tomato puree. Close enough, right?

Also – this was spicy hot. I really need to find a mild chilli powder one day….

Anyway. Absolutely gobsmacking awesome recipe. This is a definite keeper. THANK YOU to PaleoPot for the amazing recipe!

(Oh – and I made some of that there Tandoori Turkey again on the bbq. I knew that’d be good. It was.)


  1. Just found your site today (really dig the layout and design!) and am very happy that you enjoyed this recipe! I actually forgot about this one and have to make it again, perhaps for turkey day. Thanks for the kind words and link love! Jason

    1. Hey Jason! Glad ya like the site. Funnily enough, I had the no beans baked beans last night. Was a freezer surprise meal: when I defrost some unlabeled dish which could have been anything from chilli, ragu sauce, curry or no beans baked beans! Delish!

  2. Just a quick comment, salt pork is not bacon. Bacon is cured and salt pork is not. They taste much different but I’m sure this recipe would work just fine with bacon. I plan to try it

    1. Ah!! That’s the difference! I can attest it worked great with bacon…! 🙂 We don’t have ‘salt pork’ here in Spain. Well, as far as I know. Haha. Enjoy!!!

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