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Gluten-free Lasagna

It’s not your traditional lasagna, whatever that is. At least, it...

Sugar-free Paleo Bacon

There are quite a few recipes for making your own bacon on the internet. A...

Paleo Lebanese Meat Skillet Pie

A little bit sweet and deliciously cinnamonly, this giant Sfeeha is the perfect meal when you fancy something a little different, with ingredients you probably already have!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins from TGIPaleo

(Without peanut butter, obviously!) So this recipe came up on my feed the...

Chinese(ish) Sweet n Sour Meatballs

Bites of Chinese spiced meatballs, perfect for a snack or picnic.

Primal Pistachio Pesto ‘Pasta’

It’s not quite ‘pesto’ as there’s no basil or pine nuts. Then again, it’s not really pasta either!

Sugar-free Nutty Winter Chutney and Gluten-free crackers

Sugar-free winter chutney with gluten-free crackers for a sweet treat.

Not Quite Sausage Rolls

Low carb, paleo, pastry-free, egg-free sausage rolls. Sort of….

Festive Spiced Cranberry Meatballs

Festive spiced pork and cranberry meatballs perfect for parties or to replace cranberry cookies! (It’s a stretch.. I know.)

Gluten-free Fig, Cranberry and Walnut Sausage Stuffing

Gluten-free paleo sausage meat stuffing!

Paleo Super Fresh Sausage Loaf

Totally labour-intensive, grind your own meat, recipe. Or just use pre-ground pork and make it easy on yourself. But where’s the fun in that?

Satay Bacon Green Beans

Speedy side dish of indonesian inspired beans with a satay sauce.

Primal Speedy Skillet Pizza

Quick and easy pizza base cooked in a skillet, great topped with leftovers!

Chicken and Leek Skillet Pie

British type pie minus the pastry.

Do you have the time…..

to listen to me whine…. (yes, thanks Green Day.) I was inspired by...

Getting started with your health?

There are bucketloads of Paleo/Primal books and e-books and systems and all...

Hawaiian Chickwich

A sandwich without bread? Yes, please!

Gluten-free Sugar-free Low carb Strawberry Topped Almond Pound Cake

All natural, no grains, delicious fresh poundcake topped with strawberries!

Posh ‘Chip Shop’ Chips and Curry Sauce

One of the strangest dishes I’ve seen in a British chip shop is the...

Blueberry Bacon Pancakes

I don’t have a lot of breakfast recipes on this site. It’s...