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Cabbage chips

Guess what I got for Christmas? A dehydrator!! Have wanted one for a while, but never quite got ’round to it. So far I’ve dehydrated courgettes, cucumber, orange peppers and cherry tomatoes. But today I tried something different. And WOW. So excited about this one…. I used ‘Chou Vert’ which, apparently, is also known as …

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You know, recently Cavegirl Cuisine hosted a li’l competition that I entered my Peachy Keen Cabbage Meat Kebobs into. (Yea, all right, I spelled kebabs wrong….!). I didn’t win – sadface. But there was stiff competition. I mean, when it comes to a cooking competition in the paleo world, pretty much nothing outshines a dessert with …

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Cherry Tomato Pesto Poppers

Excuse me while I have a li’l ‘canapé’ moment. I made some lovely walnut and rocket pesto today. Normally, I’d spread it on fish, or whatnot, but there were some awfully tasty looking cherry tomatoes in the supermarket today so decided to experiment a li’l. And it worked! Ingredients 70g of rocket leaves 75g of …