Whole 30 – October 2012 Week Three

Still going on my ‘Whole 30‘! 3 weeks and one more to go. I’m not actually counting though – it’s very easy.. in general. Not much different from how I normally eat. It was more challenging this week – not because it’s 3 weeks in, but rather, we’ve had friends visiting!

Week Three – October 15 – 21

Day 15



  • Fasted hill workout on the bike. Hard work!

Day 16


  • Break Fast: Sauerkraut and chorizo
  • Dinner: Spicy ragu sauce (Mince meat with tomato, chili, tapenade) over garlic courgette ‘noodles’


  • Gym workout of 20 minute cycle, 10 minute run (1k), plus weights
Friends arrived this afternoon for a week – so my gym workouts went out the window, and meals were ‘challenging’ (One’s a vegetarian and the other doesn’t like garlic! OH MY GOD – a week of cooking without meat and garlic? No. No chance… Don’t worry. I did feed ’em!)

Day 17


  • Break Fast: Salad of tomato, onion, tomato, prosciutto, and mixed leaves
  • Dinner: Salad, sweet potato wedges and slow cooked deathly spicy chicken. The slow cooked chicken was tasty but I think I accidently put in 3 or 4 Naga chilis as opposed to a couple of chipotle chilis. Ooops! It was SO spicy. We were sweating. Great for the metabolism! Ummm.. Oops.


  • Band rehearsal!

Day 18


  • Break Fast: Sauerkraut, bacon and leftover sweet potato and chives.
  • Dinner: Nibbles out on the terrace – grapes, salami, fuet, plantain chips, baby tomatoes, and salad.


  • Band rehearsal…!

Day 19


  • Break Fast: Restaurant meal of catalan spinach (with cream and pine nuts) – I know the cream was not on Whole30 – but sometimes eating in a restaurant can be tricky…! Then again, the main course was scrambled egg with prawns and young garlic – which is a perfect paleo meal! Yay!
  • Dinner: Pre-gig nerves meant a light meal of mixed meats and salad at a restaurant before going onstage at 1.30 in the morning! It was a late night…


  • I sweated a lot on stage and sang my heart out – does that count?

Day 20


  • Break Fast: We slept super late (a 4.30am bedtime usually means that!) so break fast was fried egg, bacon and grilled baby tomatoes
  • Dinner: More friends round for a bbq – no-beans baked beans, burger, carrot salad, mixed salad and Thai meatballs. Carrot salad and Thai meatballs from Paleo Savvy’s book, Weeknight Paleo. Reviewed here!


  • Just a bit of walking…

Day 21


  • Break Fast: Another restaurant meal! 1st course: young garlic with romesco sauce and 2nd course: duck breast, grilled peppers and courgette
  • Dinner: Not a lot of food in the evening after the lovely lunch. Some pistachios and fuet…


  • Ho hum….



This week was a tad difficult with friends over for the week. Not that they are difficult – but rather everything is a bit messed up routine-wise! And food is more snacky and nibbles – easiest when you have such varied tastes in food! I realize that I’m really lucky that Steve, the other half, pretty much will eat anything I put in front of him. (Except he’s not keen on beef.) Perfect for someone like me who likes to experiment with food. And if I do fancy a steak, I just have it at lunch.

Exercise has been few and far between this week as well, except for a few rehearsals in the garage and the gig. Anyone who thinks singing and playing bass in a punk band isn’t a workout – has never sung and played bass in a punk band. All right, not as good as cycling or an hour in the gym – but better than nothing, right?

We also ate out a lot. I have to admit, it’s not TOO difficult to eat out in this country and stick to the plan. The fancier the restaurant, the easier it is though…! I remember earlier this year going for lunch with my dad in France, and the french restaurants are very good at serving paleo-esque food! Here, I just ask to substitute a salad for the chips – and that’s usually all I need to do.

I have to admit – I’m looking forward to doing a bit of baking in November… I kinda miss it!

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