Whole 30 – October 2012 Week One

Taking everything back to basics, I embarked on a ‘Whole 30‘ this month. I’ve been posting my daily food intake on Instagram, but decided to go into a li’l more detail on the blog here…. See those new pictures over there in the sidebar? That’s the li’l instagram photos! (It’s my way of making myself accountable for what I’m eating – I’m even photographing any snacks!)

I’m calling the first meal ‘break fast’ (see what I did there?) because I tend to wake up, have a couple of coffees, go to the gym or cycle, then come home, more coffee and then faff for a bit before actually eating. I’m not sure why I do that. I KNOW that some people say ‘eat before a workout’ and some say ‘eat immediately after a workout’ and then others say ‘intermittent fasting is good for you’… But I’m learning to listen to my body. And if I’m not hungry, I don’t want to eat just because the clock, or a book, or a website tells me to.

Consequently, I tend to eat my first meal somewhere between 12 and 2. My dinner is usually around 7 or 8. So there you go.

Week One – October 1 – 7

Day 1


  • Break Fast: 2 poached eggs and parma ham
  • Dinner: Homemade ragu over courgette noodles


  • Gym workout of 10 minute cycle, 20 minute run, plus weights

Day 2



  • Cycle 18k – 40 minutes

Day 3


  • Break Fast: Omelette with rocket and basil with tomato
  • Dinner: Leftover turkey with homemade mayo, avocado, and salad


  • Gym workout of 10 minute cycle, 25 minute run (2.5k), plus weights

Day 4


  • Break Fast: Fried prosciutto and egg with avocado
  • Dinner: Chicken breast baked on bed of onions covered with spicy tomato sauce with shredded cauliflower


  • Gym workout of 10 minute cycle, 22 minute run (2.5k), plus weights

Day 5


  • Break Fast: Tuna and avocado with homemade tarragon mayo
  • Dinner: Shredded pork and bacon, salad, tomato, grilled peppers and homemade mayo


  • Gym workout of 10 minute cycle, 22 minute run, plus weights

Day 6


  • Break Fast: At restaurant: handmade burger with fried egg and salad
  • Whoops: We were in Barcelona and we popped into my favourite cava bar, Can Paixano. Never a good idea while doing a Whole 30. So I had 3 small glasses of cava. On the plus side, I had a plate of chistorra with it. That was totally Whole 30 approved!
  • Dinner: At restaurant: grilled sole, salad and sliced tomato (asked to substitute for potato. Cause it rhymes you know.)


  • Nothing but some wandering around Barcelona!

Day 7


  • Break Fast: I had a bite of a homemade meatball but didn’t fancy it. Nerves. Then a Steve’s Paleo Krunch. A big serving of Zico coconut water.
  • Whoops: After the triathlon, I had 2 more coconut waters. And then a Clara – half beer and half lemonade. So sue me; I did a triathlon.
  • Dinner: Boys cooked for me: scrambled egg, mushroom, bacon and shrimp. They are trained well. Probably knew at that point I was so tired and hungry, I would have (regrettably) eaten and entire bowl of pasta or anything they put in front of me! Thankfully, they didn’t!




So now that it’s Monday, and I’m beginning my second week, I have a chance to look back on my first week.

I slipped up with a couple of glasses of cava and a Clara in Barcelona; that wasn’t ideal. But then perhaps to embark on a change of eating habits (even if it’s not radically different from how I normally eat…) a week before participating in the Barcelona Triathlon wasn’t the best decision. But I managed to stay on track food-wise. I kept away from dairy and ate all freshly cooked paleo-friendly food. My triathlon was more difficult this year than it was last year (my first) and I think that’s because I haven’t trained my running, nor swimming enough this year. Last year, I was doing a lot of running. (Relatively!) This year, just a few sessions at the gym on the treadmill. My swim time was over a minute faster this year than last year, but that really screwed me for the bike and run – I was completely shattered.

I need to work on my running, my swimming and my pre-race/post-race nutrition. I’m enjoying my Whole 30 and eager to carry on. Also – I’ve managed to NOT step on the scale in over a week: a personal record!!

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