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Thanksgiving Stuffing Meatballs from Practical Paleo (mostly)

I sorta think of Thanksgiving as a trial-run for Christmas. All the lovely recipes start appearing in my Facebook and RSS feeds and it gives me a six week headstart on Christmas dinner planning because we don’t actually celebrate Thanksgiving here, obviously. But this year I’m not in charge of dinner at Christmas. So I just have to make the scrumptious sounding recipes as and when!

I love my Practical Paleo cookbook. It is hands down one of -the- definitive guides to the health and reasoning behind eating and living a ‘whole-foods lifestyle’ along with It Starts With Food. These two books explain in simple yet comprehensive terms the reason your body thrives when you adopt this lifestyle. I love ’em.

Now, even though I have this cookbook (and countless others), I tend to look to my feeds and FastPaleo and the rest of the internet when deciding what to cook. I’m a geek that spends a lot of time in front of my computer, what can I say? Then Balanced Bites posted up Thanksgiving Stuffing Meatballs from the Practical Paleo book. And I thought – that sounds pretty darn cool – I’ll make that today.

Of course, as ever when I ‘follow’ someone else’s recipe, I do my own amends. Not because I think they’ll taste better or I can improve on a recipe, but usually because I haven’t planned/ran out of ingredients/am lazy/can’t be bothered to measure/etc.

So I followed the recipe for Thanksgiving Stuffing Meatballs exactly except:

  • I used half pork and half beef mince
  • I guesstimated the amount of carrots, chestnuts and celery
  • I ran out of sage for the spice mix
  • And most importantly, I was too lazy to make a separate cranberry sauce, so I threw dried cranberries into my meatball mixture!

And you know what – they turned out great!

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