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Caveman on Tour – Chorizo Beef Burgers

Courses ,
Servings 4
  • 500 grams ground beef
  • 2 fresh chorizo sausages
  • 2 giant tomatoes
  1. Decase the sausages (is that a word?) by cutting the skin and discarding it.

  2. Mix with the ground steak.

  3. Form into burgers. This made 4 big burgers and 3 teeny tiny burgers (for snacks later!)

  4. Cook either on the grill or bbq or skillet or whatever.

  5. Slice the tomato into, well, slices and use them as the 'bun'. Place the burger and then top with whatever you usually top a burger with: egg, cheese, pickle, lettuce....

  6. I served with my favorite celeriac dish and some quick fried green beans.