Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins from TGIPaleo

(Without peanut butter, obviously!)

So this recipe came up on my feed the other day and seeing as I seem to have a stock of coconut flour in my cupboard, lovely smuggled in from the UK recently, I thought I’d give them a go.

I started cooking, with the intention of following the recipe to the T. But that never happens. I realised, quite quickly, that I had no applesauce. I quickly peeled and chopped two apples and cooked them down with a little water and lemon juice. I hand blended them, lazily. Then I threw together the other ingredients, whipped everything up. And then realised I had no muffin liners. <sigh>

I should read recipes before starting really.

But I did find 11 silicon muffin hearts. I poured the batter in there as directed and then wondered how I was supposed to ‘make a little well in the batter’ considering that my batter was more like pancake batter. No worries – I spooned a drop of jam into each of my 11 muffin tins, which promptly sunk in. Then I covered with the rest of the batter.

The leftover batter that probably would have fit perfectly into that twelfth muffin tin, I poured it carefully into some mini teeny tiny muffin paper cups I had with a drop of jam.

Cooked them up for 30 minutes and I tell you, these were DELICIOUS. Mine look nothing like the ones on TGIPaleo’s site… Still – when has anything I make ever turned out exactly like the picture?

Thank you TGIPaleo for a fantastic recipe!!!

Author: torie

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