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Magic Brownie Bars from PaleOMG

Sometimes I spy a recipe online that I think, wow – I need to try that. But then the next time I go to the supermarket, I forget to get the right ingredients and end up making something else. Or I do get the right ingredients and then forget where I saw the recipe. Sometimes, I forget what I intended to make altogether. Seriously.

But the recipe for Magic Brownie Bars from PaleOMG came up on my Facebook feed and it looked so tasty! Actually, it was the picture that sold it. The recipe came later. But, oddly, I had every single ingredient already in my kitchen. I was a bit worried when I ‘poured’ (spooned) the first batter into my baking tray as it seemed so… well, empty. And then the second batter wasn’t really pourable either. But I worried for nothing… these turned out absolutely brilliant!

I’m almost out of coconut oil now though. Which obviously makes me sad. Will have to stock up when I’m in the UK next!

Anyway. Check out PaleOMG. Her recipes really do live up to her name!

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