Getting started with your health?

There are bucketloads of Paleo/Primal books and e-books and systems and all sorts of resources on the Internet. It would take months or years to work thru what are the best ones to check out, especially if you are just getting started on this. Or you’re just curious about what this way of eating/living is like, like some of my friends should be!

It would be fantastic is someone would put together a ‘best of’ so to speak of some of the resources out there. Oh wait, someone has.

It’s been for sale for about a week or two, and I’ve seen it mentioned on the various blogs I read, but it was only today, THE LAST DAY, that I decided to look into what was involved and what you get for your $37 bucks. That’s 23 quid, or just 27 euros to you folks. It’s a bargain. I bought the Well Fed cookbook along for almost that – and that has got to be one of the best cookbooks I’ve ever owned. (Those who know me, know what high praise that is!)

Go check out what’s involved here. But hurry, as per my usualness, today is the last day it’ll be available. Well worth it!!

Harvest Your Health Bundle Sale_843X403_24hours

Author: torie

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