Cookie Dough Brownies from TGIPaleo

My Cookie Dough Brownies don’t look quite like the picture from TGIPaleo. This was ’cause my chocolate chips were actually a bit of dark chocolate all broken up in the food processor that I nicked from my dad’s place. And it sorta melted and turned the ‘cookie dough’ into, well, chocolate cookie dough – rather than chocolate chip. But it was good. I gave a li’l spoonful of it to Steve before spreading it on the brownies, and he immediately decided it would be good with vanilla ice cream – a la Ben and Jerrys. I take that as a good sign!

Other changes to the recipe from TGIPaleo include running out of honey and using a tablespoon of coconut palm sugar in the dough. I also made my own coconut butter (which was AWESOME!!). I made extra. Basically, I just took 3 packs of dried shredded coconut and processed it in the food processor. Yep – that’s it. Processed the hell outta the stuff – scrapped down the sides, carried on processing. Eventually it turned to a liquidy butter substance which I had to stop myself from sticking my finger in and eating. Yea, it was that good.

I’m not sure what else I did wrong but the part in the recipe where it says to ‘pour the mixture into the brownie pan’, it was more a case of spooning out chunks and flattening it out in the pan – it wasn’t very pourable. But these brownies are brilliant – and so rich that they are going to last me ages – not bad for a sugarless, flour less, low carb dessert, eh?

Author: torie

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