Coconut Coffee Cake from PaleOMG


When I was in the UK, I picked up a few packs of coconut flour and coconut oil. Until then, I have been hoarding it and loathe to cook with it ’cause I was afraid I’d run out. Silly, right? Well, this afternoon I decided I should put some of those ingredients to good use so when I came across this Coconut Coffee Cake from PaleOMG, I had to try.

I’m not sure if my oven is shite (well, I’m pretty sure it is, actually) or if I used UK measuring cups rather than US measuring cups (apparently they are different), but these, although mega-tasty, were a bit TOO moist. Perhaps I should have cooked them longer – or added a bit more dry ingredients to the mix. Nevermind, next time I will.

Didn’t stop me enjoying them. Very tasty indeed!! And all sorts of gooey and light and moistness.

Author: torie

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