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Apple Cinnamon Scones from Civilized Caveman Cooking

I’ve had this recipe up on my screen for a few days now. But the problem was, I had no apples; I ate them all. I know, right? Me, eating apples. It’s unheard of! But I dehydrated about 3 apples with some cinnamon in my lovely dehydrator and promptly ate the entire batch. I suppose there are worse things to pig out on… but still. My eating 3 apples in a day – unheard of!

So I got some more apples at the supermarket yesterday. I’m dehydrating all but 120g of them. Which I used to make these delicious Apple Cinnamon Scones from Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations. My picture is not half as pretty as his, but still delicious. For a change, I followed his recipe more or less exactly (although admittedly, I just eyeballed the honey) and everything turned out great. And I love a super quick recipe – it’s like instant gratification!

George has got some AMAZING recipes over there and I highly recommend you pop over there and bookmark some delectable dishes to make.


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