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A little bit about my fitness…

I have spent the last year building up my fitness. Ever since getting my Garmin Forerunner (which is definitely the best fitness/motivational tool I have ever bought in my life – and I’ve bought a lot!), I have racked up miles of cycling and even jogging. I completed the Barcelona SuperSprint Triathlon last October (and wasn’t last!). I even did a 5k run on New Year’s Eve around my town. I’m told I wasn’t last in this event either, but I have my doubts….

I joined a gym at the beginning of March as the weather hasn’t always been good enough for cycling (which I actually love) and, to be perfectly honest, I really don’t like running. I tried to like it. I want to like it. I just don’t.

I have read a lot about crossfit and started to incorporate it into my gym routines – quick bursts of cardio followed by lifting weight. I actually really enjoyed it. Let’s face it – who wants to spend hours on a treadmill. I was working on getting my 1000m time on the rowing machine down. I was actually able to (and enjoy) doing squats.

Then, out of the blue, I got a detached retina.

I didn’t start boxing, but apparently with myopia as bad as mine, it was ‘one of those things’ that was more likely to happen spontaneously to me than someone with better eyesight. I had two emergency surgeries. And am still recovering. I’ve been told I’m not allowed to go back to the gym for 2 months. Or possibly even cycle for 6 weeks.

And you know what? I was devastated. I mean, I’m happy my eye looks like it’ll be fixed. And considering I’m the person who used to look for any excuse NOT to exercise, this surprised me. Now that I can’t go to the gym, I really want to.

Huh. Get that, eh?

So the fitness posts will be few and far between while I recover. I am still planning a 77 mile bike ride in June. I will get back to the fitness thing (I even got some Vibram Fivefingers so I can start doing sprints on the beach!) as soon as I can.


And just to say – don’t take things for granted like the fact you CAN move. And you CAN see. It really hits home how important these things are when you lose the ability to do either – whether that’s for a day, a month, or a year.

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