77 mile cycle ride

I did it. Honestly, after the way this year started, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to. But I managed my first long distance cycling sportive at Kilo To Go’s Flat Out On The Fens!

Yes, it took me about an hour and half longer than I’d expected. But after the nerves and the preparation and everything, I’m just pleased as punch that I finished it before they packed up the finish line. Take note: it helps to guarantee that they won’t pack up the finish line by completing the ‘short’ route of 77 miles rather than attempting the long route of 154 miles. I -think- that I finished before the first person on the long route came back – although I was arriving at the same time as some of the folks doing the medium route.

But I’m happy. So far I’ve raised over £1000 for Cancer Research UK in honour of my mother, Suzanne. I know she would be proud. My father and brother and Steve were there at the finish line to support me, along with my aunt, my sister-in-law and my niece and nephew. It was a very proud moment in my life.

And as this is a ‘food blog’, I figure I should let you know what I ate in preparation for my ride… well, I brought some of my homemade Paleo Granola and 77 Seed Bars to snack on before and afterwards (the seed bars were too crumbly to eat during…

The night before, we went to a Loch Fyne restaurant (AWESOME!). I did my research beforehand and knew this was a perfect restaurant to find a good meal for me – Chilli and Garlic Prawns to start and then Pan fried Bream with slow roasted Tomato and Chilli Pesto served with Samphire in Garlic Butter and Spinach. And some white wine. And prosecco. Yeah, well….

During the race, I was a bit crap (and was told off for not eating enough!). I had a Nutrixxion Salty Nut Bar (which was SO tasty!!), a GU Espresso Gel (I really don’t like these, but can’t argue with the much-needed boost it gave me), about 2 litres of Zero High 5 Caffeine drink and 3 litres of water. When I finished, I had a very tasty glass of cava (or 3…). Yeah, the whole natural food and low carb thing went out the window. I’m hoping that next time I will be more prepared nutritionally. And physically!

And when I finally got off the bike at the finish line, I was just kidding when I shouted ‘Does anyone want to buy a bike?’. I do plan on getting back on the bike very soon. I have the Barcelona Triathlon to train for in October, as well as the London Triathlon in September (I’m doing the team event in London – a snip, at 40km.

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